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Magazine articles featuring Bandai solar games!

Here is an extract from Bandai Toy Fair catalog (1982) featuring Invaders of the Mummy's Tomb and Escape from the Devil's Doom:

Front and back cover of a Japanese magazine called Electronic Game magazine (25th of October 1982) featuring Gekisen U-Boat and Kyofu No Mujintou:

And pages from that same magazine featuring Nazo No Chinbotsusen, Daidassou, Kyofu No Mujintou, Gekisen U-Boat, and Tengoku & Jigoku:

Gekisen U-Boat:

Tengoku & Jigoku, Nazo No Pyramid, Kyofu No Mujintou and Gekisen U-Boat:

Daidassou and Nazo No Chinbotsusen:

Gekisen U-Boat:

Gekisen U-Boat:

Another Japanese magazine called Electronic Game(1983) featuring Gekisen U-Boat:

From French magazine Tilt (March-April 1983) featuring La grande évasion and U-Boat:

And here is another extract from Electronic Games magazine (July 1983) featuring Mr. Franken, Airport Panic, Hikyo Amazon and Akuryo No Yakata:

From Tilt (July-August 1983) featuring S.O.S.:


From Tilt (September-October 1983) featuring Airport Panic, S.O.S. and Amazone:

From Tilt (November-December 1983) featuring Hikyo Amazon, Airport Panic and Daidassou:


Hikyo Amazon:

And an article from Game Watch! (1999) featuring Gekisen U-Boat, Kyofu No Mujintou, Nazo No Chinbotsusen and Daidassou:

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Interactive zone

Halo 2 multiplayer game on Microsoft Xbox:

Super Smash Bros Melee multiplayer game on Nintendo Game Cube:

Saturn Bomberman multiplayer game on Sega Saturn:

Sound from the Video Games

Electronic soundtrack:

The sound zone:

Beatmania (1998 Sony PlayStation):

Rez (2002 Sony PlayStation 2):

Chillingham (2004 PC):

Developer corner

Creating a game:

A developer kit:

The magazines

Various video game magazines:

Games from the East

Influence from the East:

Patchinko game:

Japan mania:

Tokimeki Memorial game intro:

Sailor Moon S - Kondowa Puzzle de Oshioikiyo (1994 Super Famicom):

Densha de Go! Shinkansen (2001 Sony PlayStation 2):

Steel Battalion (2002 Microsoft Xbox):

Games from the West

Europe and the US:

Arcade games in East Germany:

Poly Play (1985):

Amanda The Witch's Apprentice (2002 Sega Dreamcast):

Metroid Prime (2002 Nintendo Game Cube):

Madden NFL 06 (2005 Microsoft Xbox):

Cult series

Making games:

Monkey Island artwork (part 1):

Monkey Island artwork (part 2):

Pokemon poster:

Pokemon products:

Pokemon artwork:

The Sims:

Tomb Raider:

Grand Theft Auto: