Friday, September 28, 2007

693 - Gakuen Alice (Nintendo Game Boy Advance)

- Game title: Gakuen Alice - DokiDoki Fushigi Taiken
- Support: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
- Country: Japan
- Year: 2004
- Publisher: Kids Station
- Genre: Adventure

Introduction screenshot:

Game screenshot:

Game artwork:

- Original work: Gakuen Alice
- Type: Japanese manga
- Status: 13 volumes (ongoing)
- Author: Tachibana Higuchi


alice lolita said...

is there anyway to get my hands on this game with out leaving the country or getting someone to buy it for me ?

Chokocat said...

Check out this website

d'or s'est levé - Golden Rose said...

KYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE GAKUEN ALICE!!!! I also have a game boy so i want this game SO BADLY!!! I think I'm obsessed... (sweat dropping)

purple rose said...

i love gakuen alice!!!!!and i always wanted to get gakuen alice games!!!can i get this game in any other country?