Friday, December 21, 2007

881 - Ginga Sengoku Gunyuden Rai (Nintendo Super Famicom)

- Game title: Ginga Sengoku Gunyuden Rai
- Support: Nintendo Super Famicom (Super NES)
- Country: Japan
- Year: 1996
- Publisher: Angel
- Genre: Strategy

Introduction screenshot:

Game screenshot:

Game artwork:

- Original work: Ginga Sengoku Gunyuden Rai
- Type: Japanese manga
- Status: 27 volumes
- Author: Johji Manabe


belsam d said...

wow, I cant believe anyone really remembered GSGR :D Do you know if the manga is available online?

Chokocat said...

I don't think so as it is not very well known and there isn't much information on the web for that manga...