Saturday, February 23, 2008

1065 - Uwasa no Midori-kun!! (Nintendo DS)

- Game title: Uwasa no Midori-Kun!! Natsuiro Striker
- Support: Nintendo DS
- Country: Japan
- Year: 2007
- Publisher: Idea Factory
- Genre: Football

Introduction screenshot:

Game screenshot:

Game artwork:

- Original work: Uwasa no Midori-kun!!
- Type: Japanese manga
- Status: 10 volumes
- Author: Go Ikeyamada


Anonymous said...

really like the comic...
but i haven't play this game...
it's interesting right??

Anonymous said...

does it come in english too?
i love the anime ..>_<

Chokocat said...

No unfortunately it is only in Japanese.

Anonymous said...

why can they make it to english!!??

Anonymous said...

When will it come out in English, if it ever does?

Kaylin said...

why can't it be in english??? will they ever make one in english??
I love the manga..... (>.<)