Friday, May 30, 2008

1299 - Words Worth (Nec PC-9801)

- Game title: Words Worth Special
- Support: Nec PC-9801
- Country: Japan
- Year: 1993
- Publisher: Elf
- Genre: RPG

Introduction screenshot:

Game screenshot:

- Original work: Words Worth
- Type: Japanese anime
- Status: 5 episodes (OVA)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I must ask you something... the last picture... is about the same game?, Are you sure?, beacause I played and I never get that scene O_O, please tell me, how do you get that?

Chokocat said...

Yes it is - it is from the Words Worth Special version of the game! I believe it may have come as an additional disk for some of the releases of the Words Worth game.

Muzolf said...

It must be the old version. The one i played looks way more sphisticated, and runs under windows. They were at least two wersions i know of the, original and the ramake in uh... was is 2000 something?