Friday, May 15, 2009

1680 - Dragon Ball Z (Sony PlayStation 2)

- Game title: Super Dragon Ball Z
- Support: Sony PlayStation 2
- Country: Japan
- Year: 2006
- Publisher: Bandai Namco
- Genre: Beat 'em up

Introduction screenshot:

Game screenshot:

Game artwork:

Original TV commercial:

- Original work: Dragon Ball Z
- Type: Japanese anime
- Status: 291 episodes (TV Series)


hater said...

Dragon Ball Z never has an ending to a story.i also Watch Dragon Ball Z episodes Online on due to lack of timing.It's a continous "to be continued" storyline that grows and grows. Characters have time to develop into interesting relationships among them, making moments where someone dies or is hurt even more emotional.

jennifer said...

This anime cartoon in my opinion, is better than any other cartoon I seen. I still watch it whenever I get the chance to. It's character development and the plots of the whole Dragon Ball Z Episodes story is superb, the animation is full of action, and every ending of an episode leaves you wondering what may happen next.